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Empirical evidence for human-caused global warming and its effects on humans to date.

ClimateObserved is not a blog or opinion site. It is a front-end for a carefully categorized database of peer-reviewed papers. All papers are based on observations and measurements in the real world, not computer simulations or future forecasts.

The papers are also focused in their research scope: Synthesis reports, books, and media articles are excluded. Candidate papers are found from a range of sources, and are always read and hand-picked to ensure conformance to these rules.

The intention of this site is to be an easily searchable resource for papers that indicate an anthropogenic cause of climate change since the mid-20th century, and papers which have observed any negative effect(s) on humanity -- no monarch butterflies, treefrogs, or glacier retreat in faraway places. As a list, it should not itself be cited as a reference. It should be used as a completely free-to-use tool for finding reputable and relevant citations from the scientific literature, to aid users in their efforts to communicate of the realities of anthropogenic climate change.

To ensure long-term reliability and prevent broken links, all papers are stored as their permanent DOI handle rather than a journal-specific hyperlink.

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